We need our digital marketingactivity to deliver real results. And for that we need digital marketing analytics tools.

As George Sand famously said “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved”, so how do we know that our content is truly loved?

Marketing agencies, content creators and entrepreneurs all have one thing in common; we all use social media and various digital channels for business. When we create our content we all want people to see it, we want people to like it, but most importantly we want people to engage with it.

Likes and Shares Are Not Enough

How often have you posted a great piece of social media content, then sat back and hoped for the best? You’ll know how many likes and shares your post has received, and it’s a pretty good feeling when it appears to be well received, but you don’t really know if that post has had any direct impact on the website you are trying to promote.

So, how can you measure if people really love your social post, and the website content you are linking them to?

Marketing Analytics Platform

At its core Beacon is an online marketing analytics platform, designed for digital marketers to better measure and manage their marketing campaigns, so they can save time and effort, and increase their digital marketing ROI. With Beacon, you are able to really see how engaged your audience are with the content you are producing – by analysing the website traffic generated by your digital marketing and social media activities.

Beacon Provides a Range of Social Media Analytics Tools

Without measurable social metrics and KPIs, your social content strategy is at risk of running blind, if you can’t easily review the website visits generated from each social post or online ad, you must only rely on the likes and shares and we know that these don’t give a true indication of success.

Beacon is easier to use than Google Analytics and is designed specifically to measure and report on the campaigns you create. Beacon gives deeper analytics into your digital marketing.

With a top-level view of website traffic generated from all of your social media and multichannel activity, cross-referenced with statistics such as bounce rates, visits, uniques, and pageviews, you can see how your campaigns are performing. Drill down into the performance of each marketing asset and measure the full visitor journey, and you’ll build up a solid picture of how effective your marketing is at grabbing people’s attention and how well the content of the webpage keeps their attention.

Over time, you’ll build a good understanding of what type of content you should promote, where and when to post it, and learn patterns from your website customer journeys to attract your ideal visitor and keep them engaged with your content.

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