It’s that most wonderful time of the year and most people will already have plans in place for their Christmas marketing.

But, if you’re one of those who always leaves it to the last minute, then here’s our five awesome (and easy) ideas to help your organisation’s Christmas marketing.

One: Add a Festive Flair to your online presence

This one’s the easiest of them all. You’ve probably decorated your shops and offices, so do the same with your online presence. Add a Santa Hat to your logo, drop in some snowflakes to the masthead on your website or Facebook page. Throw down a layer of snow as a frame on all your photo posts on Twitter.

Tools like Canva make creating these graphics simple. They have a free option and a more extensive subscription service which opens up access to thousands of high-quality stock photo images.

Keep it simple with a few festive touches

If you can’t add a festive flair to your logo, then use a related hashtag instead and pop that under your branding. Choose generic ones such as #ChristmasWishes2018 or #HappyHolidays or tie one in to your marketing campaign.

Two: 12 Days of Christmas Countdown

The Twelve Days of Christmas traditionally run from Christmas Day until Twelfth Night – January 5th but why not run yours in the 12 days up to Christmas Day?

Create offers which you can post on your website and on your social media platforms and have your own countdown or have a festive competition where you’ll post clues on your website – or in your stores if you have a physical presence – leading up to a big prize giveaway.

Flash Sales with % off are a simple method for this type of campaign. Have a bit of fun with the campaign and show your customers you care about offering them real value in the festive period.

Three: Send Your Customers A Christmas Card

This one involves a small financial cost – depending on the size of your business of course – but most companies have budget for marketing at Christmas and it can come out of that.

You should already have your customers’ addresses so a handwritten card which thanks them for their support during the year and looks forward to the next 12 months is a great way of recognising loyalty.

You could always, if you wanted to, create a small discount voucher which only appears in the Christmas cards. This gives you another opportunity for targeted marketing and is something which would be unexpected.  

Building up good feeling with your customers and clients is an invaluable way of marketing your brand and Christmas is the perfect time to give it a go.

use a greeting card to say thanks as part of your Christmas marketing
Personal greetings make your customers feel valued

Four: Create A Gift Guide

Another easy option which makes use of the things you already have available if you’re selling a product – or a service.

Think of what products you sell which can  be grouped together into a “type” i.e. a range of jewellery, perfume, make-up can make a Gift Guide for her, while leather belts, cufflinks and aftershave go into the Gifts for Men section.

You can group your gift types together and create great imagery using clean white backgrounds and then, back to our friend Canva, add in some festive decorations to give it the Christmas theme. 

Try theming items by colour in traditional festive groups like red and gold or blue and silver. Add an “alternative” colour theme to appeal to those who like to buck the trends – purple and green or a copper and turquoise scheme perhaps?

Check out the Zara Home Christmas Gift Guide Landing Page – the company has created a number of guides all aimed at a different segment of their customer base.

Zara Home has a gift guide landing page as part of their Christmas marketing
Zara Home has multiple options for people looking for gift ideas

Five: Spread The Love

Join forces with other businesses to cross-promote throughout the holiday season as part of your Christmas marketing proposals.

This could be as simple as coupons or sales information in your customer’s carrier/shopping bags or have a local festive trail with a loyalty stamp which shoppers can collect in each participating business. This could add up to 10% off or a free gift.

You could also try partnering with a business who offers products or services which tie into your own organisation. This provides a real value add for your customers. If you’re a local pub who doesn’t serve food, you could team up with a local sandwich shop to offer discounts to each other’s customers.

Bonus Gift!

Remember not everyone celebrates Christmas, so you need to make sure you’re also providing an offer which will appeal to those customers. A giveaway for a gift card to be spent in your store or online is a no-brainer because you’re going to see a return on that investment straight away.

You could also recognise other festive holidays which are celebrated in different cultures and run a giveaway which ties into those:

  • Bodhi Day on December 8 for example, is a celebration in Buddism;
  • Pancha Ganapati runs from December 21 to 25, when the Hindu community gathers to worship the elephant god Ganesha;
  • The Jewish celebration of Hanukkah, which usually takes place in late November to early December;
  • The African celebration of Kwanzaa, which starts on December 26th;
  • Winter Solstice, this is when Pagans celebrate the rebirth of the sun and the coming of the new year and takes place on the shortest day – December 21.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope this has given you a few fresh ideas for your Christmas marketing and that you will celebrate a successful and happy year.