As the festive season rapidly approaches, here’s eight ways to ensure your Christmas PPC campaigns are successful.

Tip One – Review last year’s campaigns

You should have the analytics from your Christmas PPC campaigns from last year, so the first port of call is to look at those to see which worked and which didn’t hit the target.

  • Which channels were most effective?
  • What campaign types worked best and should be reused?
  • Where did your audience perform the best?
  • Why did some creative types perform better?

Review the trends you chose last year and look at consumer behaviour to see if it followed them. Also look at marketplace predictions for what’s going to be popular in 2020 and re-examine your previously used festive period keywords. Reactivate any seasonal keywords you paused which are still relevant for this year.

Tip Two – Add New Christmas PPC Campaign Keywords

Hopefully you’ve unpaused the festive keywords you used in 2019. Now you need to look and see if there are any new ones you want to add.

People are looking for gift ideas for their loved ones, so you need to look at your festive offerings to see what you can target at your audience. If your business is a service-facing one, look at whether you can offer deals on 2-1 or a money off coupon for repeat bookings for example.

However, not all industries are festive focused, so make sure your Christmas PPC campaign is showcasing the type of products your audience will be interested in.

Which leads us to…

Tip Three – Know Your Audience

Think about the client base you already have, and any potential customers you’ve been working on in the run-up to the festive months.

2020 has been a difficult year across all industries, and the current pandemic has had major effects on consumer habits and customer buying journeys. With more people working from home, and with a lot of households on reduced income, look at what your business can offer to provide real added value.

Knowing what your customers want, and expect, from your business, helps you create Christmas PPC campaigns which deliver a positive Return On Investment. Look at re-targeting, with targeted ads based at specific audiences gathered from their demographics and interests.

Tip Four – Define Your Christmas PPC Campaign Message

This is the one time of year you can guarantee people are looking to buy. So your Christmas PPC campaigns must give consumers a message they want to hear. 

If you are an ecommerce business, focus on things which give value, like “Free Delivery” or “Free Returns”, look at providing guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas or have a gift catalogue which promises “Gifts For All The Family In One Place”.

Make your ad content short and to the point and ensure it has a Call to Action to encourage potential visitors to your website.

Tip Five – Decorate your landing page 

Just as we decorate our homes, offices and retail premises, so we should decorate our website with a dedicated Christmas themed landing page.

Christmas themed landing page - Wayfair

Using festive images and decoration on your marketing channels and landing pages will capture your potential customer’s attention and heighten the Christmas spirit. Enhancing the ‘feel good’ factor which comes along with the festive season, or offering solutions to the ‘stresses of Christmas’ are two great ways to encourage visitors to your website. 

Christmas tree animated GIFS on John Lewis

Look at your ad creative ideas. This is especially important when you’re trying to reach someone outside of your normal audience who might be unfamiliar with your brand.

There are great opportunities to build brand awareness and trust through targeting a Christmas PPC campaign at new customers. Can you run a “Surprise Gift” campaign aimed at people who want to buy the perfect gift for their family and friends but don’t want to reveal what is? 

Have your design team create some ad creatives which give hints and clues, but don’t reveal the actual gift being bought, and encourage people to share them as part of a “Things I’d Like For Christmas” strategy.

A small flourish such as the Christmas hat on your logo adds a Christmassy feel

Run a ‘gift guide’ carousel ad which shows what your brand or business already offers which helps not only those repeat customers familiar with your offerings, but gives easy access to potential customers who can browse through categories of useful content to find the perfect gift.

Advertise your store 

At the time of writing, the UK is in a national lockdown with non-essential shops closed so the emphasis of your PPC ads will be to drive customers to buy online.

If your store is still open, or for when you’re able to re-open, you could look at tying your online marketing with a “bricks and mortar” campaign encouraging people to also visit your retail premises if you have them.

Site-to-store strategies could include incentives for in-store pickups including:

  1. Free site-to-store shipping.
  2. A coupon or shopping pass.
  3. A free gift if you pick up your online purchases in store.

Common objections to online shopping, especially during the festive season, revolve around shipping (cost, time, reliability) and the uncertainty of the returns process if the gift isn’t liked or doesn’t fit.

Taking steps to ease concerns around shipping cost and speed, and ease of returns can boost conversion rates.

Tip Six – Test New Markets

Although using the tried and tested methods you know work should be a priority, it’s also worth investing a small amount of budget to run ads in new channels or markets.

Plan for pre-Christmas and post-Christmas PPC campaign budget. You can also differentiate your budgets depending on the media platforms. Don’t forget the last minute shopper and those who will be looking to pick up bargains for next year once the Boxing Day sales start.

Tip Seven – Automate The Process

No-one wants to have to think about their Christmas PPC campaign on the day itself. Use automated ad rules to make changes in your account based on the settings and changes you specify.

Here’s just a few of the ways Automated Ad Rules can help:

  • Schedule ads for specific promotions or events either online or in-store;
  • Automatically pause low-performing ads or keywords;
  • Change keyword bids to maintain your average position;
  • Raise keyword bids to make sure your content is on the first page;
  • Automate email notifications to check for budget spend, especially if it’s nearly used up on the first day of a campaign.

Tip Eight – Don’t forget mobile phones

When it comes to product research, according to Google – 28% of people use their mobile to look for advice, 32% for comparison, and 46% for inspiration. In addition, 76% of people who search on their smartphone for something nearby visit a related business within a day, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

Test your website for its mobile friendliness before setting up your Christmas PPC campaigns. Google is rolling out a mobile-first index in 2021 which favours mobile friendly domains so bear this in mind with all your online marketing content.

In Conclusion

Following all, or just a few, of these eight tips should let you prepare for the festive season and set up relevant, attractive ads and Christmas PPC campaigns to attract customers to your website and dedicated landing pages.

And a bonus Tip – Manage your PPC campaigns in one platform.

Using Beacon, you can manage all your PPC campaigns in one platform. Beacon provides you with independent data you can trust for all channels; Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Linked in.

What’s more, you can see how much of that campaign traffic is invalid clicks (bots and ad fraud) which enables you to put more budget into the campaigns delivering more human visitors to improve your campaign ROI.