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Matt Saunders Matt Saunders, February 21 2018

It’s been a busy and exciting few months at Beacon. We launched our first version of Beacon back in the summer of last year to a select pool of testers before opening it up to the wider public in the winter.

We’re still in BETA, and getting a tonne of great feedback from our customers which we’re constantly feeding back into the product roadmap.

The next couple of months is going to be especially exciting for Beacon because we’ll be moving out of BETA and into our first official full release! We’ve got some fantastic features in the pipeline, and as head of product development I’m very happy to share some of these with you now.

Full Post Previews – What You See Is What You Get

When composing a post there’s often that little feeling of hesitation before you hit the publish button. “Will the post look correct? What if the wrong image gets displayed?” These were very real concerns from our customers, so as a result of listening to their feedback we will be integrating full post previews for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in the coming months.

Know Thy Visitor

Unlike any other social analytics tools, Beacon will soon be able to show you exactly how a visitor flowed through your website from a social media post. We’ll even be able to show you how engaged they were on each page, and where they converted into a lead or sale. This will help inform your overall social and content strategy, and give you a direct link between social media marketing and sales.

“Let Me Track More Than Just Social”

This request has come up time and again; “can we generate a short URL without needing to post it to a social network?” The answer to that will very soon be a resounding “yes!” Beacon will shortly let you track links posted outside of social media, allowing you to track links in blog posts, forum posts, banner ads, email newsletters and, well, wherever else you want!

All Together Now

A big time-saving hack would be to let you post to multiple networks and accounts, all at the same time. That would be great, wouldn’t it? Shortly, you’ll be able to do just this, all in one place from your handy Beacon dashboard.

Learn More – On April 20th in Leeds!

As part of the Leeds Digital Festival, our Technology Director and Data Analytics Lead, Stewart Boutcher, will be sharing some knowledge on how social media visitors differ from visitors who find your site from search and direct links. The event will be at Duke Studios on Sheaf Street at 18.30. Come along, have a drink, and learn something in the first of our “Knowledge Sharing Seminars” – share your experience and hear about what the data tells you.

Join The Party!

So far we’ve had some amazing feedback from our customers. Beacon may well still be in BETA, but we’re quickly developing the most powerful website analytics tool for social media the world has ever seen. Get your 14 day trial now.

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