Karen Davies, Outreach Manager for digital marketing and web analytics engine Beacon, discusses her processes and how she found Trello to be an invaluable tool in workload management.
You’ve probably tried a number of different tools to help manage your workload and make the most of your time. After doing the same for many years, I thought I’d drop my notes into a blog so others can read about my personal experience with Trello and how it can help fellow Beacon users with their social media marketing activities.

As Outreach Manager, I needed a tool that could not only record ongoing notes but also manage and prioritise my workload and tasks, with the option to assign specific actions to my team members and set dates for completion. Things can get very frantic with multiple ongoing tasks and time is of the essence, so this level of functionality was a necessity.

After trawling the Internet for free workload management tools (and trying quite a lot of them!) I stumbled on Trello via a work contact and have been using it ever since, not only for outreach but also for my own Beacon marketing activities – and it’s been a real game changer.
I then use Trello to manage in-house tasks, with a dedicated Outreach area containing cards for each task, organised into lists for easier navigation.

The interface is very pretty in comparison to some of the more blandly designed apps out there, this adds to the appeal when using it every day (the option is there to select your background colour or use one of the photo backgrounds). It’s also very intuitive and reminds me of old school post it notes and sprint boards – always a good thing!
As an example, I will create a task to write content for a specific social media campaign. I then set a due date and assign the card to either myself or another team member with relevant notes:

In addition to being able to set a due date, I can also add a colour label. I use labels to see the stage of activities at a glance. For example; here I’ve used labels to indicate the status of any research required (pretty much like using a chunky highlighter pen on tasks!)
When an activity is completed, I schedule the marketing content to go out (of course using our own Beacon Links to track website visitor engagement), then move the Trello card to “Campaign Submitted”. Once that stage is completed, I move the card to “Content Posted”. It’s an easy way to organise current and future work loads, ensuring optimal ROI on marketing efforts.
Given the success I’ve personally had, I would recommend Trello as a great all-round task management platform (I have no affiliation whatsoever with the company, these are my own completely unbiased musings!). I found this tour very helpful when starting out: https://trello.com/tour 
Let me know which apps you currently use to manage your activities and how you rate the functionality compared to others available on the market. You can drop me a line on Twitter!
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