How to understand your marketing data: And what to do about it will be the focus of a seminar by Beacon’s CTO Stewart Boutcher at Shoo Media’s week-long Digital U event later this month.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in massive challenges for all businesses, with people having to learn how to work from home and set up digitally remote networks for conferencing and meetings.

In times of crisis, people ask themselves what they can do to help. How can they use their skills to support others? 

For Stewart, it’s a privilege to give a seminar at the event – on June 25th at 5pm – and to support the ideas of Digital U, which is being hosted and coordinated by Shoo Social Media, a Facebook advertising specialist based in Ilkley. 

Co-founders of Shoo, Rachel Hatfield and Chris Morris, have gathered a variety of digital doctors covering topics as wide as cybersecurity, graphic design, social media marketing and aim to educate and allow people to get the most of their business digitally.

Stewart adds: “I’ve worked with the organisers at Shoo Social Media, as well as some of the other presenters, and regard them with a great deal of respect. This is going to be a fantastic event and I am looking forward to being able to contribute.

“The focus on my presentation is to give you a better understanding about the meaning behind the data you get from your marketing – looking at what data ad platforms give you – impressions, clicks, engagement and more –  and what you can learn from this data. We’ll then do a quick run through of how you can improve the value of your marketing data by looking at visitor activity on your website using analytics tools and by understanding what metrics matter more than others.

“We’ll finish by discussing a “marketing engagement“ model – how you can bring together all those bits of data together into one scoring system that will allow you to better understand what is working and what isn’t and to do more of what does work, for better results.”

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