We hate harmful click bots. If you’re a digital marketer who has ever spent money to drive traffic to your website, you will have undoubtedly experienced click fraud (also known as ad fraud) where you end up paying for fraudulent clicks by bots. No platform is immune to this and you can end up paying for worthless clicks when you advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads and elsewhere – the bots are everywhere and they’re clicking away your budget!

bot click indicator

We recently wrote that ad fraud is killing your marketing, and we want to do something about it!

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Bot Click Indicator – a handy widget on your Beacon dashboard that shows you the percentage of your website visits (from tracked Beacon Links) that are fake or bots.

  • Learn which channels are driving the most confirmed human visitors – allocate your marketing budget better to reach real people
  • Discover the real value of each click you’re paying for – how much are fraudulent bot clicks costing you?
  • Benchmark your average human/bot click ratio – start working to improve this metric!

Beacon tracks every link click and website visit from the Beacon Links you create for your marketing, and gives detailed analytics on your website traffic and page performances – providing valuable insights and intelligence into how your online marketing is going.

Beacon reveals website visitor stats from individual links, reporting on when your links were clicked, how your visitors behaved, and the percentage of real vs bot clicks.

Eradicating fake bot clicks and driving honesty and transparency into digital marketing is our mission, and we realise it’s a difficult task. We have a long road ahead of us, but we are pleased to introduce this feature as a first step in combating click fraud!

Get your free demo today and discover if you are wasting your marketing budget on fake clicks!

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