According to Hubspot, analysing marketing data from different sources take an average of 3.55 hours a week, and we know first hand that generating these reports can be the most time consuming and frustrating element of your marketing activities. That’s why we created Beacon to make it simple to generate reports and quickly attribute website visits and conversions to your digital marketing.

Analysing data is the biggest time-consuming task, let’s reduce that!

The average digital marketing campaign spans multiple channels, as part of your marketing plan you will likely be posting and promoting social posts across Facebook and Twitter, emailing your lists with Mailchimp, and driving traffic to your website via Google Ads – and you need to keep track of all this and work out which channel was the most effective.

It’s not uncommon for a modern digital marketing campaign to have upwards of 50 links embedded in ads and social posts, all driving different amounts and quality of traffic to your website – and then track the visitor journeys from these links to discover which messages resonate best with your audience and results in a sale… it’s not surprising that a lot of marketing teams don’t effectively measure this data and reply on social media vanity metrics (such as Likes, Shares and Impressions) as well as top line Google Analytic data to report on campaign success.

This practice requires marketers to jump between various platforms to generate their reports which, as illustrated in the chart above, can be a big time sap, and the ability to dig down and discover the true ROI of each marketing asset is extremely difficult.

Our developers working on the reporting solution.

Save time reporting

We created Beacon to empower marketing agencies and digital teams to quickly and easily understand the real results of their online marketing campaigns. Our latest features include our one-click report generation tool, which is designed to do just that.

Generate a custom marketing campaign report for your clients in 5 easy steps:

  • Name your campaign report
  • Select the date range you wish to report on
  • Write an executive summary to describe the campaign for your client
  • Add the campaigns you want including the report
  • Toggle to include:
    • Wasted spend – the PPC budget wasted by bot clicks
    • Campaign overview – number of clicks and website visits generated, the website visitor behaviour data, and last link visited.
    • Spend breakdown – vital information on how much you’ve spent, on which channels, and how much of that spend was wasted by bot clicks.
    • Leads – a list of the leads and contact details generated by form fills during the campaign.
    • Channels – a breakdown report of the channels used within your marketing campaign
Produce beautiful reports in seconds.

Beacon provides a powerful framework for your reporting that can save you hours every week. You can export your report as a handy PDF to pass on to your clients to quickly share your campaign success.

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