We are happy to announce another update to Beacon, the all-in-one digital marketing analytics and insights dashboard.
We are particularly proud of this update as it includes some key features that not only enhance the analytics you get but add deeper insights and knowledge to the effectiveness of your digital marketing.

Full visitor journey breakdown

See the website visitor journey – track your customers from link to conversion with our incredibly simple user interface.
Each user journey is illustrated with icons depicting key user actions, as well as a snapshot of each screen the visitor lands on.
Beacon's Enhanced Analytics dashboard

Visitor scoring system

Beacon reveals how engaged each of your visitors are, giving you the insights into how your digital marketing campaigns, messages, and channels are driving website traffic and how they behave once they get there.

Visitor identification

If a website visitor lands on your tracked page from a Beacon link, and eventually completes a form which identifies the user Beacon tells you who this visitor is – whilst complying with GDPR – to give you a full picture of how this visitor behaved during their journey on your website.

One-click reporting

You can now instantly print off a page report of your dashboard, and most screens of the app – saving you time producing reports!

Real cost-per-click and ROI report

You can now allocate a financial value to your channels in your campaigns and Beacon works out an estimated cost-per-click for you.

We hope you enjoy these new features as we continue to evolve and improve our digital marketing analytics app. If you haven’t yet started using Beacon, why not get started today and reveal the true value of your digital marketing!