At Beacon we are committed to developing and taking to a global market a digital analytics proposition that is powerful, easy to use and drives transparency, integrity and authenticity into digital marketing. In a nutshell we are developing a suite of products that “tell you what works and what doesn’t so that you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t”.
We are now at the start of a number of feature releases we are making over the summer and through the end of 2018 that will help answer those questions and give you a real handle both on what and what isn’t working, but also on understanding why – including giving insight to the levels of fraudulent traffic you are paying for, something we take very seriously.
Today, we have released our “Teams feature release”.

Build your team.

Add up to 5 team members with a Professional Plan and grow your digital marketing team. Solo account users and those on a free trial do not have access to teams.

You can easily manage your company and user details. Our next feature release will allow you to view your plan details and download your invoices from within the Beacon app. A big time saver!

Interface improvements

We’ve also improved our UI and data visualisations. You can instantly see which links are driving traffic to your website by clicking on a day in your dashboard chart. This lists all the Beacon links that have contributed to your website traffic during the selected period.
Beacon analytics