Last month we helped host the inaugural event for The Digital Marketing Hub at the Horizon in Leeds.

It proved to be a great success, with people having travelled from Manchester and Huddersfield to join us.

The Digital Marketing Hub was created to provide the Digital Marketing community with a space where professionals can discuss challenges, industry changes, business developments, data analytics, technologies and anything else of interest.

We had some fantastic speakers for the event, including Beacon’s own Stewart Boutcher, talking about the Data & Marketing Association and future plans for the North. 

Other speakers included Greg Chabrier, talking about the US digital marketing agency scene and how it compares with the UK, Leeds in particular. We also had Robin Williams, owner of Agency-focused market consultant Data Hive, discussing What Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield agencies are getting wrong!. Followed by Nigel Bridges, CEO of Beacon on Trouble with Bots & how Fake Data impacts on us all.

The facts and figures that were outlined in these presentations really were shocking to say the least. From the lack of security online to the amount of fake traffic and marketing. The speakers really did leave us all with food for thought. 

For anyone interested in what you missed, I have included further information on the topics that were covered from our wonderful speakers:

The DMA Article “Future Marketing in a Fake World” https://dma.org.uk/article/future-marketing-in-a-fake-world

“An Introduction to Bot Clicks and Ad Fraud” ebook

The Data Hive 2018 reports

The feedback we received from attendees were very positive and encouraging. We will be officially launching The Digital Marketing Hub in the New Year and look forward to welcoming more guests.   

The topics will change each event, depending on what our guests (YOU) want to learn more about and discuss. Being led by you, we will work in the background and arrange for speakers to come in and share their professional opinion on the very subject you want to discuss.

Thank you to Megan and Natalie at Horizon for providing an amazing space to host the event. A big thanks to the speakers for taking the time putting together some interesting and engaging content. 

Finally, a massive thank you to all the people the attend the event and we really hope to see you at the next one!

If there are any specific speakers you’d love to hear from or topics you would like the hub to cover at the next event, let us know! We’re always open to suggestions… If you want to keep updated with upcoming news and events from The Digital Marketing Hub, you can follow them on social media.