We’re happy to announce another upgrade (v5) to your favourite digital marketing intelligence dashboard, Beacon! Our goal is to add more transparency into digital marketing, putting independently verified data and insights directly into your hands – not simply relying on what Facebook, Google and the other big ad platforms who have vested interests, tell you.

Campaign insights at-a-glance

Your campaign dashboard screen – all your campaigns in one place

We’ve worked hard to improve the Campaign Screen to give you just the information you need to get an overview of how your digital marketing campaigns are performing. From this view you can quickly see:

  • Which campaigns you are currently running
  • Which channels are active in your campaigns
  • The total number of website visits a campaign has generated
  • The impact bot clicks has had on your campaign (bots vs humans)
  • The overall success rating of a campaign

From here, you can drill down into any of your campaigns and deep dive into all the data and insights Beacon provides.

Understanding the true cost of your digital campaigns

We have been working hard to add transparency and clarity to digital marketing, and to be the independent broker of the data you create and own when you use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Ads.

Beacon summarises the results of your marketing campaign, adding insights and intelligence you can’t get anywhere else.

Our bot detection technology allows us to reveal the number of fake clicks a campaign has generated, and displays which channel is sending the most bots. Not only do we display this useful data, we also calculate the true cost of your PPC marketing campaigns by working out the true cost of your campaigns – by accounting for fake and bot clicks.

Beacon allows you to break down the “cost per click” into more valuable metrics.

It’s important to understand the different between link clicks, and real human website visits that are actually valuable. Beacon shows you:

  • Cost per click – what you pay for each link click
  • Cost per visit – what you pay per real human visit
  • Cost per engaged visit – what you pay to send real humans who interact with your content. We work this out by factoring in several engagement metrics to evaluate what constitutes an ‘engaged’ visit.
  • Cost per lead – how much you’re paying to send a real human to your website, one that converts by filling out a form or otherwise providing some contact details and becoming a lead, allowing you to place them into a CRM.
Easily compare your visits by channel, and see a detailed breakdown of your campaign spend effectiveness.

Unlike other platforms, Beacon analyses every website visitor journey and measures their engagement based on a number of metrics. We tell you which of your platforms, channels, and campaigns deliver the most engaged website visitors which means you can continually optimise your marketing.

Screenshot of Beacon showing which channels are driving the most engaged website traffic.
See which channels are driving the most engaged visitors to your website.

Smarter, faster, better

Alongside the major feature updates mentioned above, we’ve optimised our systems to speed up the page loads and make the experience smoother for our customers.

If you haven’t started using Beacon yet, and would like to learn if you are spending your PPC budget effectively, do get in touch and we can set you up with a free Beacon demo.