We are pleased to announce the release of Beacon v5.0.2, the second in a series of releases planned for Summer 2019.

This release focuses on 3 key features:

Better reporting of your Google Ad and social media advertising campaigns

The “batch” input of ad spend/click data into the platform via CSV import, ready for full integration and real time graphing later in the summer – this will allow for better understanding of your Google Ad and social media advertising campaigns in Beacon. For more information on this feature see this resource.

Speed and data improvements

A number of improvements to data processing, storage and caching, to further increase the accuracy of our data, and to prepare for our end of summer release that will not only allow you to start blocking known bots in your advertising (giving you substantially better returns on your spend), but also give you the information you need to request the ad platforms for refunds for bot traffic.

Improvements to the campaign dashboard

Improvements to the campaign dashboard layout, notably by allowing you to immediately see your leads and engaged visitors straight from the dashboard.

We have two further releases planned by the middle of September. Our next release (v5.0.3) will include reporting on eCommerce activity in journeys on Beacon – vital for our B2C clients; and will expose the IP addresses and signatures for all bots that have “clicked” on your ads, allowing you to block them from seeing your ads in future. Optionally, you will be able to block disengaged visitors from seeing your ads in future too, without preventing them seeing your website; saving you money and helping your spend result in more engaged visitors and leads.

Our showcase release (v5.1) will show visitor device & location data for all visitors; including visitor geography & browser data on dashboard and visits; used as a means of comparing the engagement/success of different geographies & devices. We will integrate to an IP look-up database to determine organisation owning the IP if available & allow you to export this report for your business development team to follow up. Talking of integration, in this release, we plan to have connections to Mailchimp (allowing you to see which visitor was responsible for which journey) and Hubspot (to gather data from Hubspot forms).

If you’d like to try Beacon for yourself and see how improved data insights and digital marketing campaign intelligence can improve your business, get in touch and arrange a demo today!