Beacon has a number of new features which will help keep your social media campaign targets on track no matter what the time of year. Five key performance indicators enable you to stay on top of your game and keep your online activity hot.

Here’s what you’ve got:

Activity Targets

With activity target you can measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns in a meaningful way against 5 Key Performance Indicators:

  • Hard bounce rate – measure the percentage of visitors from a social post who bounced off a page without taking any action
  • Soft bounce rate – measure the percentage of visitors who interacted with a landing page, but didn’t navigate to another page
  • Multi page visits – see the percentage of users who visited more than one page from your social post
  • Average pages viewed per visit – learn how many pages your visitors navigated to on average, from each social post
  • Average time on site – learn how long your visitors from social media are spending on your site

Giving you control over your objectives and team milestones to work towards and ensure that engagement targets are met. More ways to keep your clients happy!

Social Media Campaign KPI's image

Social Media Campaign Report Exports

A top level dashboard report enables you to easily download client reports as PDF or printed versions… handy for updating your clients on how a social media campaign is going. These reports show website traffic and metrics such as unique visits, page views, average time on site and bounce rate.

Beacon Customer Tracking

In response to feedback we have made our user’s actions invisible to the Beacon analytics, meaning your marketing team can click through short links and test your social marketing activities without muddying the analytics.

With some great user interface updates and a mobile friendly design, Beacon will help marketing agencies improve their client’s social media campaigns and increase the RIO on the social content created.

Get started today with your 14 day free trial and add real intelligence to your social content strategy.