Another month, another set of Beacon features and improvements to help our savvy marketers do their job better. Here’s the rundown of this release (v4.6).

Your insights dashboard

We’ve improved your Beacon dashboard to give you an instant overview of how your marketing campaigns are going at a glance. By pulling together the top level stats and providing insights into your marketing performance you can easily see where you’re at and can drill down into deeper detail from this screen.
the new and improved Beacon dashboard offers up insights for your campaigns
The dashboard shows:

Website traffic by campaign

This handy chart gives you an overview of how your campaigns are driving traffic over time, and give you a good insight into what is performing best. Above the chart you can quickly see how many visitors (new and returning) you’ve had during that time period, as well as the visitor bounce rates and time on site.
Clicking the bar expands to show you a detailed breakdown of the website visits and links sending traffic for that time period, and you can drill down even further by clicking to see the visit detail.

Bot activity indicator

This is a percentage shows you how ‘real’ your website traffic is and highlights click fraud and bot clicks. Beacon analyses all website visits and link clicks on the Beacon Links you use in your marketing and tells you how many of these are genuinely human, and how many aren’t.
This is extremely important if you’re allocating marketing budget to Pay Per Click campaigns, such as Google Ads, sponsored Facebook posts, or promoted Tweets, etc. You have the ability to compare what these platforms are telling you with the impartial results provided by Beacon in our handy insights dashboard.

Your Best Rated Links

All your digital marketing data and insights are gathered by Beacon Links, tracked URLs that you use in your marketing to provide insights into how your website traffic behaves.
We decided to display your best-rated links on your new insights dashboard so you can see, at a glance, which links (and therefore which individual marketing asset) is driving not only the most traffic, but the most engaged traffic.

Your Best Rated Campaign

Beacon works out which campaign is performing best during the selected time period and displays here. You can also see the amount of real human visitors this campaign has driven to your website and the average cost per visit.

Your Best Rated Visits

As a marketer, you want to know how your audience actually engaged with your content and how real people interact with your marketing. Beacon tracks the entire website visitor journey from first click to conversion and this module shows you the key events generated from your marketing activities, such as form fills, identified visitors, conversions and other important indicators of success.
Alongside these major feature updates we’ve also enhanced and refined many aspects of the app, based on your feedback and our ongoing roadmap. Tell us what you think!
If you haven’t started using Beacon yet, why not arrange a demo today and see what better digital marketing analytics can do for you.