Christmas has come early! We’ve been working away like Santa’s elves and have released another update to our digital marketing campaign analytics platform.

This release (v4.6.2) builds upon the advancements of our previous release, where we launched the new and improved analytics dashboard, and includes a number of interface enhancements and visual upgrades to make reporting on your digital marketing a breeze.

New campaign creation, using your own colours

Beacon campaign creation colour picker
You can now coordinate your marketing by picking custom colours for your campaigns

Beacon analyses your digital campaign traffic by generating tracked links to use in your marketing and displaying the data in a meaningful way. And we make reviewing that data easy by giving you the ability to create campaigns to store and measure your marketing links, and assign custom colours to make it easier to navigate your interface.

Make channels stand out with icons

Beacon campaign creation channel picker
It’s even easier to create a campaign and select the digital marketing channels you’ll be using

When creating a Beacon campaign you can select the various digital channels that you’ll be using in your marketing. We’ve now added channel icons to make it even easier to see which channel is performing best at a glance – you can even add a custom icon to personalise your channels and campaigns even more.

Customise your channels with out icon picker

Your digital campaign analytics at a glance

Beacon digital marketing campaign analytics
Beacon’s campaign analytics shows you the data you need to know at a glance

At a glance you can see how your campaigns are performing, how your visitors behave on site, the level of bot clicks impacting your results, as well as the cost per visit for that campaign.

Book a free demo today to see these new features first hand, and learn how you can benefit from Beacon’s digital marketing campaign analytics.