At Beacon we’re proud of our cost per visit calculator.
This feature, requested by our customers time and again, lets marketers get a view of how their digital campaigns and channels are doing in terms of return on investment.
Because Beacon automatically filters out suspected bots, only reporting on real, human traffic, it makes working out your ROI incredibly easy and helps you determine what is a good cost per click.
Simply supply your marketing channel ad spend and Beacon will work out how much each confirmed human visit costs based on your spend.
This is particularly useful if you are using Beacon to track traffic from clearly defined marketing channels, such as Google AdWords in the example above.
By specifying how much we have spent on this channel alone, Beacon can tell you how much on average each confirmed human visitor cost and help you work out what is a good cost per click.
Spend calculation
We’re very happy to introduce this feature to help digital marketers determine their genuine ROI and drive transparency into the online marketing space.
This is just the start of a raft of new features we are working on to help you clarify exactly where your online ad spend is going.
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