If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that we are constantly developing, refining, and improving our app and listening closely with our marketing agency clients to create a product that addresses their requirements; giving them the data insights needed to gain and maintain the competitive edge in this ever-changing digital marketing world.

Better lead capturing and outcome tracking 

We designed Beacon to help marketing teams better understand the effectiveness and return on investment of their digital marketing campaigns. We wanted a better way of understanding the results of individual social posts, ads, and marketing links and Beacon measures and maps the visitor journey from any link created using our tool.

Set your own outcomes

With Beacon you can attribute leads generated by website form completions to the individual links used in your marketing. The default outcome tracking that Beacon records are these form completions, but now you can change the definition of a lead to when:

  • A website visitor clicks on an external link from a Beacon link

For example, when you track a website visitor from your marketing to your page, and your goal is to direct them to another page that is not on your domain (and therefore cannot be tracked), such as another product or service hosted on a partner website. Now Beacon outcome tracking will report if a website visitor has journeyed all the way from a social post or online advert, onto your website and across any number of pages, and exits your website via a specific link onto another external website. 

  • A website visitor lands on a specific internal URL from a Beacon link

For example, if you have a specific page that you want your website visitors to end up on, but have no other way of tracking. This could be a ‘thank you’ page after a visitor has completed an action, or a specific piece of content that if your visitor accesses is deemed as a positive outcome.

the outcome tracking lead definition data can be changed
A screenshot of Beacon showing the user changing the Lead Definition

You can also change the label of “leads” to a custom label, because we know that not every form fill or identified website visitor is technically a lead. We made this change after a request from an agency client of ours who works with companies within the recruitment sector, and when generating reports it looks better when talking about “applicants” instead of “leads”.

Campaign Check In mobile app

We are excited to announce that we are developing a mobile app, specifically designed for campaign managers and digital marketing team leaders who want to quickly access the top level details of their digital marketing campaigns.

The Campaign Check In mobile app

This app is currently available on Android and is by request only, as we plan to roll out the app across other mobile operating systems in 2020. Get in touch with us today to access the mobile app.

Future reporting – coming January 2020

We’re excited to announce some future features that will be landing early 2020. As you will know, a key Beacon feature is our advance digital marketing campaign reporting that our clients love because it saves them hours a month in reporting time.

We pride ourselves by producing beautiful marketing reports that add real value and insights, and tell a story instead of relying purely on ugly graphs. In preparation for planned improvements, we have decided to remove spend exporting feature in this release as it is to be replaced by our new reporting facility, coming mid January 2020, which will allow you to generate 3 types of marketing reports:

1, Single campaign report

Export a beautiful report for your clients, and control what data you wish you present in your report.

2, Multiple campaign comparison report

Compare 2 or more campaigns so your clients can see at a glance which is performing better – giving you great insight into how to improve going forward.

3, Date comparison report

Compare 2 dates from the same campaign to learn seasonal trends and build upon your success. This handy feature allows you to compare 2 date ranges side by side, and compare all the marketing channels active during those dates.

Alongside these key features, this Christmas 2019 Beacon release includes the usual small user interface improvements and backend data management efficiencies that help make our digital campaign intelligence platform that little bit nicer to use as the agency must-have marketing campaign monitoring tool.

We hope you enjoy this festive update, and look forward to what 2020 brings. Merry Christmas and a very happy new year from all at Beacon!