We have have been very busy at Beacon improving and expanding what we do, but with every new innovation comes another area to learn. As a result, our knowledge base,  Resources, has been expanding rapidly recently.

Here I will give you a round-up of what’s in it, where to start and where to find the best help for you. There are 4 sections First Steps, Using Beacon, Pay Per Click and Technical Help. 

  1. First Steps is where to visit before and just after opening your Beacon account. 
  2. Using Beacon helps with the setting up and basic usage of a Beacon account. 
  3. Pay Per Click is where to find advice on setting up and managing paid for campaigns. 
  4. Technical Help answers more advanced questions.

Everyone starting out with Beacon should read the four articles in First Steps as they deal with basic fundamental principles. 

The Pay Per Click section is a must for anyone paying for clicks or visits with detailed articles on setting up and managing PPC campaigns. Including How to use the Beacon Insights code with Google Ads, and several guides on how to get spend data from ad platforms and into Beacon. 

The final section is Technical Help and this section covers many advanced subjects such as recording eCommerce events, tracking video engagement and Identifying visitors with form fills.

Our resources section is constantly evolving and being added to but if there is a subject that you think we should cover or would like help with then please get in touch with us at – support@thisisbeacon.com.

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