As Google announced plans to scale down support for their popular Goo.gl link shortening it’s time to consider an alternative.
As of April 13th, the service ceased for new and anonymous users, existing users can continue using the goo.gl console up to March 2019.  As support has dwindled and the end is nigh, there’s no better time to sign up for link shortening with advanced analytics with Beacon.

Introducing Beacon

Beacon is a great alternative to Google link shortener
Beacon is a  campaign management and a link shortening tool, designed to help marketers manage and measure multiple digital marketing channels in one place. An all-round digital marketing solution, the comprehensive dashboard lets users track analytics including website visitors, length of stay and bounce rates. KPI monitoring features are also built in for better measurement of online campaigns.
Beacon enables:

  • Tracked link generation – create shortened links in seconds
  • Track website visitors – map customer journeys from any digital channel
  • Website traffic analysis – learn how visitors engage with your website
  • Intelligent insights and campaign feedback – learn what works and what doesn’t
  • Campaign and link management – organise and measure your marketing links
  • Click fraud detection – identify how much bot traffic your links are generating

Measure and manage your marketing

This intuitive app displays key findings on your digital marketing campaigns at a glance – everything you need, all in one place.
Beacon provides intelligent and actionable insights into the performance of your links across all your digital marketing channels and campaigns and provides deep analysis to you measure and improve your digital marketing.
Beacons campaign intelligence findings

Get link shortening in seconds

Integrating Beacon into your workflow enables you to maximise your results, with minimal effort. It’s as simple as installing Google Analytics code onto your website, and we’ve produced a number of plugins for easy install.
The analytics code makes Beacon unique – closing the gap between your activities on your digital marketing channels and the resulting visitor actions on your website. This enables you to intelligently measure traffic and attribute website events and conversions to specific marketing activities.
When you drive people to your website via a tracked Beacon Link, something pretty nifty happens – we analyse and report all visitor behaviour on your website.
Add real insights behind your shortened links. Whether your primary goal is to drive sales, give your engagement a boost or streamline your processes, Beacon is on hand to help.

If you haven’t tried Beacon as yet, you can get a free no obligation demo (no commitment or credit card required for sign up).
A single web analytics platform designed specifically to measure and analyse the effectiveness of your online marketing activity. Beacon lets you find out which of your digital marketing assets are driving the most traffic to your website with next-level web analytics.