Now Beacon lets you track your website visitors from anywhere on the web! We’re excited to announce multi-channel support which allows our customers even more analytical power and intelligent insights into their digital marketing channels.
We originally built Beacon to bridge the gap between social media posts and website visitor behaviour and outcomes by providing next-level web analytics. Our customers found the in-depth analytics valuable and overwhelmingly asked if it was possible to get the same insights for other aspects of digital marketing, and because we love a good challenge we set to work.

Attribute website actions from your digital marketing

We have now expanded Beacon to measure website traffic from any digital marketing channel. This enables you to track multi-channel website visitor journeys and attribute actions from anywhere on the web – social media posts, Google Ads, affiliate links, email campaigns and more.
Our unified dashboard displays all of your digital marketing campaign data in one place – see which digital marketing channels are driving the most website traffic, which campaigns are doing better than others and how engaged your website visitors really are.
digital marketing analytics dashboard

How does this work?

Here’s an example; so you’re promoting a landing page across multiple channels, driving traffic to the same page via targeted Google Ads, an email campaign and a variety of paid and organic social media posts. Beacon enables you to see how each marketing asset is performing individually, how many visitors they have generated and how the visitors act.
Beacon reports on which digital marketing channel is performing better than others, providing data on website visitor engagement, percentage of bot clicks per channel, as well as visitor journey reports.

You will gain an understanding of which campaign, channel, and individual marketing asset is performing best, so you can better allocate marketing budget in the future and do more of what works!

We hope you enjoy using the feature as much as we enjoyed building it. If you have any questions about multi-channel campaigns or would like to see a new feature in Beacon, please drop us a line. We’re working behind the scenes to build the best possible tool for you and value your feedback.

Not on-board yet?

Get amazing web analytics to improve your digital marketing ROI with our next-level analytics platform. Beacon is designed to measure and analyse the effectiveness of all your digital marketing channels activities.