Technology Partner

For companies that want to build an integration between their technology and Beacon in order to grow their customer base by leveraging their existing technology stack.

Companies will be considered as partners if there an overlap between their customers and our customers and/or their software/technology is complementary to our platform.

Technology partners

Grasshopper Ant

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Filament UK - Beacon partner

FS Club- Beacon partner

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Sales partner

Become a Beacon Sales/Service Partner and build consulting services alongside the Beacon software whilst earning referral fees when introducing new customers. The Sales Partner programme is for:

• Technology/CRM implementers who recommend software solutions to clients. Typically working with SMEs who need an easy to use/easy to implement solution.

• Sales Consultants/coaches/trainers and Business Advisors who offer, for example, digital strategy services, to companies who want to grow their businesses via paid media.

Agency life

Agency partner

Our origins as a digital agency means that we understand agency-client relationships. We’ve developed the Beacon Partner Program to help agencies deliver exceptional paid campaign management and improved spend effectiveness.

Beacon provides agencies and their clients with a single source of the truth that is totally transparent. It’s the agency and clients own data from Beacon that powers the analytics and insights, NOT the data fed back from the various platforms. Beacon also takes the non-human traffic (bots, click fraud etc.) out of the final analysis, meaning that decisions about campaign strategy are based on the real results of real human engagement.

Sales and agency partners

Famous Wolf - Beacon partner
mch.london - beacon partner
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"Beacon is helping us take a more agile and informed approach to how we spend client media budgets."
Jon Davies, Founding Partner Chatter

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"Beacon saves us £3,000 a month by optimising our clients digital marketing spend"
Daniel Smith, Managing Director, Fireworx - Ranked UK top 10 agency by the Drum