About Stewart Boutcher
Stewart has worked in the technology sector at Senior Developer, Project Manager & CTO level in a range of technical organizations and PLC since 1995. Stewart is a technologist at heart focused on delivery of game-changing software projects, including being digital lead for the nationally important UK Police Memorial.
25th July 2019

Beacon update – July 2019

Learn the metrics you should be measuring to get the most out of your email campaigns and discover how effective your marketing activities really are.

10th May 2019

Half of Your Clicks Could be Bots

Anyone working in digital marketing knows that click bots are one of the biggest issues facing the industry when it comes to lost revenue. We have been developing Beacon, the digital marketing intelligence dashboard, for a few years now. It began as a tool to help digital marketing agencies (and ourselves – a team of […]

26th April 2019

The bots are coming: follow up

To those of you who managed to make it along to our Leeds Digital Festival event on Wednesday 24th April, thank you! We appreciate your support and interest and hope that this follow on blog will be useful for you to get some of the detail you may have missed in the heat of the […]

12th February 2019

Beacon Update – v4.7.0

This Beacon update comes with a batch of new features and upgrades, as well as some customer requests to help make digital marketing campaign reporting easy.

25th September 2018

More Beacon features to improve your analytics

  We are happy to announce another update to Beacon, the all-in-one digital marketing analytics and insights dashboard. We are particularly proud of this update as it includes some key features that not only enhance the analytics you get but add deeper insights and knowledge to the effectiveness of your digital marketing. Full visitor journey […]

30th July 2018

Latest Beacon release

At Beacon we are committed to developing and taking to a global market a digital analytics proposition that is powerful, easy to use and drives transparency, integrity and authenticity into digital marketing.

26th June 2018

Technological Disruption In The Built Environment

I have been fortunate to spend a couple of hours at Vision 2018: The Future of the Built Environment at the Business Design Centre in London, 21-22 June for some research we are carrying out with our partners at The Carto Group.

15th June 2018

Why AI is great for better data and improved data processing

I’ve been a big fan of Chris Field’s “Sunday Soundbites” for some time now. Chris owns Fieldworks, an award-winning retail specialist PR and digital content marketing agency.

Chris wrote a piece back in November 2017 entitled “Six things I just learned about Artificial Intelligence” which I’ve been meaning to get round to thinking about, as it is focused on the use of AI by retailers and his concerns about the path that some retailers are taking.

7th March 2018

GDPR and Big Data: Why it Will Benefit Us All

Another long week travelling, meeting and planning for Beacon. Another tired flight home; now I am looking out over a sea of fluffy white clouds and thinking about data lakes and GDPR.
The term “data lake” is currently in vogue, in an attempt to sexify the technical and mysterious task of delving into a vast amount of big data and bringing up pearls of information.

17th January 2018

This is the Year that Big Data Becomes Meaningful for All Businesses

Like all small businesses we are always looking for competitive advantage in an innovative market.
We firmly believe that 2018 is the year when the value of big data starts to have a significant impact on small and medium size enterprises in a way that just hasn’t been possible until now.

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