About Stewart Boutcher
Stewart has worked in the technology sector at Senior Developer, Project Manager & CTO level in a range of technical organizations and PLC since 1995. Stewart is a technologist at heart focused on delivery of game-changing software projects, including being digital lead for the nationally important UK Police Memorial.
7th January 2021

How could Uber cut its ad spend by $100m and see no drop in conversion?

When Uber turned off two-thirds of their annual advertising budget – around $100m – you could be forgiven for thinking there would be consequences to their actions.
But, because of ad fraud, attribution fraud in particular, the ride-share company found basically no change in the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

6th November 2020

Is Ad Fraud damaging your brand reputation?

Digital ad fraud is more than just lost revenue. It can affect your brand reputation if your adverts appear alongside problematic content.
Not monitoring your online advertising could mean your brand is inadvertently helping human traffickers, terrorists or being associated with other criminal activity.

4th June 2020

New Improved Dashboard – Beta

This latest release improves a number of issues including support for start and end dates, but what we want to talk about here is the new dashboard.

As the new dashboard is off by default, next time you login things will be same except you will see this bar at the top of the Dashboard.

20th April 2020

Introducing the Digital Marketing ROI Improvement Calculator

During these uncertain times, with businesses and agencies alike scaling back and reviewing their marketing budgets, it is more important than ever to know how effective our ad spend really is. This is especially important for ensuring marketing ROI improvement.

According to some media buyers and planners, and marketers, COVID-19 will have a bigger impact on advertising than the global financial crash of 2008. With this in mind, we wanted to do something to help our fellow digital marketers gain insight and learn how to better navigate in this uncertain landscape.

7th February 2020

Check out Beacon’s new marketing report generator

Analysing marketing data from different sources takes almost 4 hours a week according to Hubspot, and it can be a frustrating task generating marketing reports that make sense, look great, and tell a meaningful story about the success and struggles of your digital marketing campaigns. Here at Beacon, we understand this. Coming from a digital […]