About Nigel Bridges
Nigel is an experienced executive and advisor with a successful track record of growing technology businesses internationally. His key focus is on the Scale-Up stage of Software and Services businesses, transforming them through a clear agreed strategy, designing and delivering robust sales, delivery and operational processes to provide the platform for transformation and growth.
9th April 2020

Are we being conned investing in online advertising?

The whole online advertising ad market is a business that simply sucks in our advertising and marketing dollars and wastes the bulk of it.

For example, in programmatic advertising somewhere between 40% and 70% of advertising spend goes into the pockets of the middlemen and the Martech stack rather than the front line ad itself.

24th March 2020

The rush to relevance in the ‘new normal’

I’ve had many conversations recently, as I’m sure you have, about the current bizarre business world we find ourselves in and the ‘new normal’.

As you (probably) sit at home working, many things won’t have changed. And yet the streets are deserted, governments are taking extraordinary decisions, stock markets have gone off a cliff, and customers and suppliers are distracted by things that weren’t even on their radar four weeks ago.

6th February 2018

Social Media Analytics – Born of Frustration

There was great rock song a few years back by the band James. Admittedly Born of Frustration was more to do with relationships than social media but the sentiment stayed with us and resonated more in our experiences when running a digital agency over the past few years.