About Matt Saunders
Matt has been building things on the web for over 15 years. Having worked in a number of creative agencies he is now the director of product development at Beacon. Matt’s passions lay in architecting easy to use software by planning and prototyping with the goal of simplifying the complex. He is a problem solver with one eye on business goals and the other one customer goals.
1st October 2019

How to work out your cost per visit

At Beacon we’re proud of our cost per visit calculator. This feature, requested by our customers time and again, lets marketers get a view of how their digital campaigns and channels are doing in terms of return on investment. Because Beacon automatically filters out suspected bots, only reporting on real, human traffic, it makes working […]

13th May 2019

Beacon update – smarter, faster, better!

Our Beacon digital marketing intelligence dashboard now makes it easier to see all your campaign channel data in one place, understand the real cost of your website visitors, and work out the impact bot clicks has on your PPC spend.

27th September 2018

From click to conversion, who’s engaging on your website

We recently introduced visitor journey tracking, visitor actions and conversion tracking into Beacon. We’re immensely proud of this feature because it enables marketers to see exactly how their traffic is behaving on their website from their marketing channels. If you pay for traffic, for example through Google Ads or by promoting social media posts, it […]

21st February 2018

New Features You’ll Be Getting From Beacon

It’s been a busy and exciting few months at Beacon. We launched our first version of Beacon back in the summer of last year to a select pool of testers before opening it up to the wider public in the winter. We’re still in BETA, and getting a tonne of great feedback from our customers which we’re constantly feeding back into the product roadmap.