About Karen Davies
Karen has over 15 years’ experience in technical authorship and writing roles, including copywriting, proofreading/editing and ghostwriting, with additional extensive experience in data analysis, sales and marketing and as an owner of several small online businesses. Transferring these skills into Beacon as Social Engagement Lead, Karen is the face (or voice!) behind our social media activities.
1st February 2019

Finding the best analytics software for your team

Running marketing and social media for any organisation is a time-consuming task and we all look to find ways of making it easier using the best analytics software.

Social media managing tools, including web analytics and traffic monitoring options, can help marketers save time, stay organised, and optimise their efficiency.

23rd October 2018

Tips to successfully adopt new digital marketing analytics software

Your website is a treasure trove of data, waiting to be captured 24/7 by analytics tools. Every action your visitors take is an opportunity to better understand your target audience and ultimately convert your marketing endeavours to sales. You can’t afford not to take advantage of marketing campaign tools. Newer web analytics tools provide a […]

5th September 2018

Replace Google Link Shortening with Beacon

Google announced plans to scale down support for the popular Goo.gl URL shortener at the end of March in favour of Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL).

As support has dwindled and the end is nigh, there’s no better time to sign up for URL shortening with advanced analytics with Beacon.

24th August 2018

Using Trello to Manage Our Marketing

Karen Davies, Outreach Manager for social and web analytics engine Beacon, discusses her processes and how she found Trello to be an invaluable tool in workload management.

You’ve probably tried a number of different tools to help manage your work tasks and make the most of your time.

After doing the same for many years, I thought I’d drop my notes into a blog so others can read about my personal experience with Trello and how it can help fellow Beacon users with their social media marketing activities.

22nd August 2018

Come see us at the Technology For Marketing expo!

We’re pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the much anticipated Technology For Marketing expo event from 26th-27th Sep 2018!

You can catch us on Stand ST7, where we will be showcasing Beacon’s exciting new features.

1st August 2018

Our Top 8 Link Shorteners

If you’re a digital marketer or promote your business/brand online, there’s a good chance you’ve already ventured into the world of link shorteners.

Shorter URLs save space, taking up far less room on marketing communications and making everything look a little tidier, but there’s more to it than that. Many tools on the market also enable users to track short URLs for better measurement of marketing activities.

9th May 2018

Our Pick Of The Best UK Tech Events 2018

Although we’re almost halfway into the year there’s still plenty of great opportunities to come so here’s our pick of the best UK tech events 2018 has left to offer. Leeds International Festival 2018 28-April – 12 May // Leeds https://leedsinternationalfestival.com/ https://twitter.com/LeedsIntFest The Leeds International Festival is the UK’s leading metropolitan festival of new ideas […]

7th February 2018

Buyer Personas and Why They Are Important for Your Brand

We’ve talked about “buyer personas” in our articles before but what, exactly, are they and why are they important to your brand?
Buyer Personas are fictional characters created to represent a user type and to improve your marketing vision and let you see things clearly.