Stunning campaign analytics for marketing agencies.

Beacon helps you deliver more effective digital marketing campaigns for your clients, enabling you to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Use Beacon to attract new clients and amaze your current clients!

One easy-to-use dashboard

Manage multiple clients and organise all their outbound marketing links in a single place, combining campaign management and web analytics in a great all-in-one solution

Real-time campaign metrics

Provide transparent access to the campaign metrics that matter most to clients by offering a differentiated service of accurate reporting in real-time with actionable insights

Manage and retain clients

Designed specifically for agencies, Beacon recognises how agencies work and incorporates these key features to help agencies to build better and more profitable relationships with clients

Attract new clients

Gain new clients from ‘dyed-in-the wool’ agencies that still rely on leg-work and spreadsheets to produce questionable campaign results at the end of the month

Generate more fees

Demonstrate added-value to your clients that result in a ‘sticky’ relationship, offering the opportunity to charge higher fees for a superior quality service

Indispensable tool

If you use digital marketing to exceed your clients’ targets, and need to know which online channel and content deliver the best results for them and for your agency; you need Beacon

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