Amazing analytics for hospitality and travel.

Beacon helps hospitality and travel organisations to attribute real business results to digital marketing efforts, right down to knowing which social post, advert, or affiliate link achieved the best result.

Do more of what works.

Drive sales

Digital and social media marketing campaigns are becoming a massively important part of the marketing mix used in the hospitality and tourism/travel industry to drive sales

Connect with customers

Online channels and social media platforms are powerful marketing tools and their influence on travel/tourism will grow, but it is fundamental that consumers can find and trust you

Build the brand

Brands can leverage digital marketing channels to build positive brand awareness, increase brand loyalty, and display just how much they have to offer

Offer awesome content

Curating positive reviews and encouraging social shares is one way that brands can leverage digital channels for specific marketing campaigns and engender discussion and engagement

Influence decisions

People often rely on social media and digital channels to learn about new destinations and plan their trips. Shared experiences influence travellers’ decisions about their future trips

The indispensable tool

If you use digital marketing to drive bookings, increase sales and build better customer relations, and need to know which channel and content deliver best results; you need Beacon

Digital campaign intelligence

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