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Track millions of visitor actions across an unlimited number of channels and websites.

A powerful web analytics engine that integrates with the way your team already works

We recognise that managing digital marketing within an enterprise setting can be challenging. Adopting a new tool into that environment and working out how to use it with the existing tools that you probably already have may be difficult.

Beacon can work with your existing software to become an indispensable tool as you seek to build your brand, audience and revenue through the various digital marketing channels at your disposal. We offer custom enterprise solutions to meet any challenge.

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What is Beacon?

Beacon is a platform dedicated to revealing how your customers behave once they reach your website from various digital marketing channels.

Businesses driving traffic to their website from social media, PPC, email and other channels, know these are vital parts of their marketing activities. But in reality, many simply don't know the true impact they have on their business.

Beacon delivers insights for those who promote their business online, providing data that drills down to the results of each link as well as a top-level overview of a campaigns’ success.

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