Look even more amazing to your clients by protecting their campaigns from click fraud and making budgets go further.

We help you get the most from your clients paid media campaigns by preventing bot clicks that can cost them up to 66% of ad spend.

Supercharge your agency growth

Accelerate performance

Add Beacon – automated AI based click fraud technology – to your paid media campaign stack to significantly improve results.

Earn extra revenue

Create an additional revenue stream when you join our partner programme. Your pricing, your way. Choose the payment model that suits you.

Attract & Retain

Create a competitive advantage for your agency with award-winning, innovative ad technology. Win the next pitch and keep clients happy!

Hear from a happy Beacon agency partner

Chris Morris Beacon testimonial

Chris Morris, Shoo Social Media

Features you’ll love

Multi-channel reporting

Beacon shows you how much of your clients ad spend is being wasted by bot clicks – malicious software programmed to steal clicks and impressions on your PPC and Facebook Ads.

You’ll be able to optimise your client campaigns for more human clicks and conversions across all major paid media channels, including Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Twitter and Snapchat, as well as programmatic/display advertising.

Bot blocking on paid search and social

Beacon blocks bots on Google Search & Display Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook and Instagram Ads (including FAN).

With more paid campaign clicks from genuine, human users rather than bots, improve campaign spend effectiveness and quality of visitors.

visitor metrics box

Accurate campaign data

Reporting from Google Analytics and Ad account managers is giving you an inaccurate picture of campaign performance as many of the clicks and impressions being reported are in actual fact, invalid, non-human clicks.

Beacon shows you campaign results for human visitors and engaged visitors, not skewed by invalid traffic, enabling you to measure Cost Per Human Visitor (CPV) and Cost Per Lead (CPL) to give a true view of how your client campaigns are performing.

Google data studio logo

Integrates with Google Data Studio

With Beacons integration to Google Data Studio, you’ll be able to see what’s working — and what isn’t — at a glance, in the format you and your clients are used to.


Reporting made easy

Not using Google Data studio? We’ve got you covered. Reduce the time you spend manually to generate reports and use Beacon’s automated reporting and data exporting tools to analyse your marketing results, for improved productivity across the whole team.

Lady with headset

Dedicated account manager

We understand that your time is valuable and there’s always client deadlines to meet. That’s why we take Beacon account set-up and client ad account connections out of your hands, getting everything set up on your behalf.

Your customer success manager is here to help you maximise campaign performance, and ensure you look great to your clients.  It couldn’t be easier.

Some facts about click fraud

of web traffic is bots, not humans (Imperva Bad Bot report)
is the 2025 estimate of global losses due to ad fraud (Wfanet.org)
of your marketing budget could be lost (Beacon client data)
Beacon detected that 66% of clicks on my Facebook ads were invalid bot clicks. Since using Beacon I have seen a significant reduction, resulting in $4K dollars saved every month.
Beacon is helping us take a more agile and informed approach to how we spend client media budgets.