Click fraud protection from Beacon

Click fraud costs you money

Protect your ad spend

Detect Bots

Detects invalid clicks across paid search, social and display

Block Bots

Blocks bot clicks on paid campaigns

Reach More People

More human clicks for the same ad spend

Waste Less Budget

Less wasted budget on bots and a higher ROAS

Click fraud protection from Beacon

Say Hello to More Buying Customers

Beacon’s smart technology provides click fraud protection and transparency on invalid traffic, showing you on each of your campaigns, how many human visitors have clicked vs how many bots.

Once bots are detected, Beacon blocks them. After all, it’s real people that buy, not bots!

Stop bots clicking & wasting your ad spend

Beacon includes click fraud protection on Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram.  We are the only UK company that detects and guards against click fraud on Facebook. 

Improve your PPC ROAS

Beacon aids improvement of your PPC campaign ROAS as you can identify exactly what is working and driving conversions at campaign, ad set and ad level, for better decision-making on where to spend budget.

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Automated click fraud protection


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Leading technology
Real people

Beacon is recognised in the industry for championing transparent and accurate marketing data, empowering brands and marketing agencies with better quality data to feed other parts of the martech stack.

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